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What is plain fabric

The common feature of plain fabric is that weaved by plain weave based most fabric manufacturer, the density of warp and weft yarns is the same as or similar to the density of warp and weft yarns in the fabric. According to the thickness of the warp and weft yarns, it can be divided into coarse cloth, medium cloth and fine cloth.
The usual specification is: C 32X32 68X68
(1) Coarse cloth, also known as coarse cloth, mostly made of pure cotton yarn. It is characterized by rough cloth, thick, more cloth neoprene impurities, fast and durable. Commercial sales of coarse cloth mainly used as lining cloth and so on. In mountainous rural areas, coastal fishing village is also available for sale as a blouse, and it is covered in cloth. After dyeing for shirt, pants material.
(2) Zhongping cloth, also known as cloth, the city sales, also known as white cloth, Department of special cotton yarn or viscose fiber yarn, cotton yarn stick, polyester yarn and other weaving. Its characteristics are more compact structure, full and smooth fabric, texture, firm, feel hard. Mainly used for sales of cloth in cloth, lining cloth is also useful as shirt pants, sheets. Zhongping cloth mostly used as bleaching cloth, color cloth, fabric cloth. After processing for apparel fabrics.
(3) Thin cloth, also known as fine cloth, Department of fine cotton yarn, viscose yarn, cotton sticky yarn, polyester-cotton yarn and other weaving. Its characteristics are cloth soft and clean, light and compact texture, less cloth impurities. Fine cloth sold mainly for the same city with cloth. Mostly used as a cloth floating fabric, color cloth, cloth fabric. After processing for underwear, pants, summer coat, blouse and other fabrics.

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