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What is poplin fabric

Poplin fabric is also woven with plain weave. Compared with the plain fabric is different, its density and weft ratio is generally 1.8 ~ 2.2: 1. Due to being obviously larger than the weft density, the surface of the fabric is formed by the warp yarn raised part of the diamond-shaped grain. Weaving poplin fabric, commonly used cotton or polyester cotton special yarn. According to the different yarn used of fabric supplier, divided into gauze poplin, half poplin (warp strands), poplin (warp and weft strands). According to the different spinning project, divided into carded poplin and combed Poplin. To weaving color points, there are hidden implicit poplin, satin lattice poplin, jacquard poplin, color Choi poplin, flash poplin and so on. To the true color poplin cloth dyeing processing points, there are bleached poplin, variegated poplin and printed poplin. All kinds of poplin fabrics are clean and smooth cloth, detailed texture, grain full, smooth and shiny gloss, soft touch features such as smooth waxy. Poplin is a major variety in cotton, mainly used as shirts, summer clothes and everyday underwear.
The usual specifications are: C 40X40 133X72

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